5 easy ways to be successful with your New Year resolutions

2020 is around the corner and so are new year resolutions. However, only 25% people continue their resolutions beyond 30 days and 8% actually follow through with them.

Pursuing hobbies is among the top 5 new year resolutions, featuring with other self care resolutions such as losing weight, eating healthier, and exercising. Hobbies are proven to be beneficial for the mind, body, and soul with demonstrable effects on reduction of stress and anxiety. However, busy lifestyles and high barriers to continue the hobby make people leave this amazing relaxation and self care activity behind.

Harvard health conducted a study and came up with five main reasons for new year resolution fails. Here are the ways to overcome them to get into the successful 8% who follow through with the resolutions –

1- Know why you want to practice a hobby – Are you looking for a creative outlet? Do you just want to grab a cup of tea and relax with your hobby? Do you want some ‘me time’ and get lost in another calming world? Do you want to pursue hobbies with a purpose? As long as you know your main motivation, it is easier to find the right path.
2- Set concrete and measurable goals – A big reason for abandoning a hobby is not having enough guidance, discipline, and measurement of success. Small and measurable goals go a long way in getting big things done. A journal of your progress, daily or weekly milestones, will help in keeping you motivated and moving along.3-Have a plan to meet the goals – After setting the micro goals, try to make micro plans to achieve them. Once the plan is known you will know what resources and support you need to continue with your hobby. Two big reasons for dropping hobbies is the time needed to research and scout for material and resources. Plan ahead.
4- Set up a support system to meet the goals – Even though many hobbies are meant to be solitary activities that put you in a calming and relaxing zone, you need an external support system to continue with them. Someone to encourage you, cheer you on your small wins, guide you when needed. Plus additional support resources such as child care, commuting help, go a long way in getting you to accomplish your goals.
5- Celebrate small victories – Resources, support, and motivation are the ingredients to be successful at any hobby. Setting small goals also means celebrating small wins. Appreciation, encouragement, and little celebrations go a long way in your hobby pursuits. So keep creating and celebrating!
6- Attach an added incentive to complete your projects – Reward yourself at small milestones, have that favorite candy each time you complete a micro goal! Another great way of attaching extra incentives is to connect your hobby to a charitable cause. Create to give, donate your skills to a cause. Knitting hats for donation or donating your photography skills to a non profit event are some great ways to continue your hobby.
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