Why Weave Kindness?


Hobbies are the best antidotes to stress and anxiety. Our busy lifestyles have left little or no room for leisure. Weave Kindness is here to remove all barriers to getting started on new hobbies or picking up old ones. Plus when you are busy creating, you are not busy on your mobile devices. Choose to create with a mission and we will donate what you create. Weave Kindness will help you be kind to yourself and to the world!

Learn and create 

What hobbies do you offer?

You can choose between knitting and crochet. We will be adding more hobbies very soon.



What will the kit contain?

The kit will have everything you need for that month’s project. We will not make you go to the store for anything!


What kind of tutorials will be provided?

Our tutorial videos are made for absolute beginners. Every tutorial is made after thorough testing and iterations with users across ages and abilities. The maximum duration of a tutorial will be 10 minutes, we will not make you sit through long, boring lectures.



What kind of projects will be offered each month?

Every month you will create an item of clothing or household use. Think coasters, dishcloths, hats, mittens, toys.



How much time will I be spending on the project?

Every project should take 6-8 hours to complete.



Will you help me track my progress?

Every project will come with mini milestones. These will be suggestions to keep you well paced and on track.



When will I receive the pre-orders?

The pre orders will be shipped by the end of September. So look forward to do a lot of creating this fall!



Can kids make these projects?

Knitting and crochet need fine motor skills. The kits are designed for age 13 and over. Kids may need some help from adults in person to get started. However, only adults can purchase subscriptions.



Are the projects gender neutral?

Absolutely! Anyone is free to enjoy any hobby and all our kits will be gender neutral projects.





How can I donate the item I make?

Your kit will come with a return label. Use the same box and place the new label over the old one. Then drop this box to any USPS box near you.



What kind of charities do you partner with?

We will be partnering with smaller charities that send goods directly to people. You will also receive blank notes to write something thoughtful for the receiver if you wish. All donors will receive a gratitude note from the charity.



What if I want to keep the item?

You are free to keep the item that you make. You can also decide this after your project is complete.



What should I do if I cannot complete the project on time?

Don’t worry, you can keep working on your projects at your own pace.





What is the pre-order offer?

As a launch promotion, the introductory kits for the first month will be priced at $15, regular price is $25.



How much is the shipping fee?

Weave Kindness is all about the hobbies. Shipping will never be your concern. Always free shipping!



Do you accept returns and exchanges?

We can certainly accommodate requests for returns and exchanges. We just ask that the material should be unused. Standard shipping rates will apply in case of returns and exchanges.



How do I cancel my subscription?

Drop us a line on hello@weavekindness.com and we will end your subscription, no questions asked. Any cancellations before the 20th of the month will end with immediate effect. If you cancel after the 20th, we will just ship the next month’s kit and cancel the subscription going forward.



Can I sign up for multiple subscriptions?

Absolutely! However each subscription needs to be done in a separate transaction to keep the processing logistics simple and provide you the best customer experience.





How will I know my order is shipped?

We will send you an email as soon as your order is shipped.



What should I do if an item in my order is missing?

Write to us on hello@weavekindness.com and we will make sure you have everything you need.



More questions? Write to us on hello@weavekindness.com