Why Weave Kindness?

Hobbies are considered the best antidotes to stress and anxiety. Our busy lifestyles have left little or no room for leisure time. We will do all the research and material scouting for you so all you do is enjoy your hobby. Videos are available on demand so you can knit anytime and anywhere. 

Learn and create

What hobbies do you offer?

Knitting is the first hobby on offer.

What will the kit contain?

The kit will have everything you need for that month’s project. We will not make you go to the store for anything! See the kit contents for each kit in the product descriptions. First time customers will receive measuring tape and crafting scissors as a welcome gift.

What kind of tutorials will be provided?

Our tutorial videos are made for absolute beginners. Every tutorial is made after thorough testing and iterations with users across ages and abilities. The maximum duration of a tutorial will be 10 minutes, we will not make you sit through long, boring lectures.

How do I know which project is best for me?

Every project has a suggested level. We have projects for new knitters who have never held a knitting needle in their hands, and also for those who know knitting.

How much time will I be spending on the project?

Every project should take 6-8 hours to complete.

When will I receive my order?

You will receive your order in 3-5 days of shipping date. We will try to expedite all processing so you can start crafting really quickly!

Can kids make these projects?

Like any handicraft, knitting needs fine motor skills and also patience and persistence to learn. We recommend age 13 and over but anyone is welcome to try. Kids may need some help from adults to get started.

Are the projects gender neutral?

Absolutely! Anyone is free to enjoy any hobby and all our kits will be absolutely gender neutral projects. Most kits have color options on offer and you can knit for anyone you want.


How can I donate the item I make?

Your kit will come with a return label. Use the enclosed mailing envelope, place the return label  and drop this box to any USPS mailbox near you.

What kind of charities do you partner with?

We will be partnering with smaller charities that send goods directly to people. You will also receive blank notes to write something thoughtful for the receiver if you wish.

What if I want to keep the item?

You are most welcome to keep the item that you make or gift it to a loved one.


Do you accept returns and exchanges?

We can certainly accommodate requests for returns and exchanges. We just ask that the material should be unused and standard return shipping rates will apply.

How will I know my order is shipped?

We will send you an email as soon as your order is shipped.

What should I do if an item in my order is missing?

Write to us on hello@weavekindness.com and we will make sure you have everything you need.