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There has been long-standing research on the heath benefits of knitting and crochet with Proven Health Benefits For The Body And Brain. They cause a reduction in stress, depression, anxiety, and Increase in Cognitive Functioning, Calmness, And Happiness. They were even Used For Recovery For The Mentally Ill And The World War I Veterans. More benefits galore when you pick up knitting or crocheting as a hobby, read on-

1- Gives you a goal – Picking up a new knitting or crochet project gives you a goal to achieve. You might think you will end up keeping that project in your drawer only to discover it 4 months later, but for someone very non-competitive like myself, I too found myself crafting into 2am in the night to complete the project.

2- Is meditative – both Knitting and crochet involve repetitive motion which bring about a state of mindfulness and calm. The EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) psychotherapy technique also relies on repetitive eye movements to heal people in distress. According to Psychology Today, while you knit you reap the benefits of a similar repetitive motion that helps your brain relax. After a hard days of work, crafting with a cup of hot tea works wonders for your brain. Now you may end up drinking cold tea after an hour when you get so engrossed in crafting, that’s another story!

3- A good addiction – Once you start a project, you might want to take it with you everywhere. Unlike crafts such as painting and pottery, knitting and crochet projects are easy to carry and provide excellent source of passing time. Bonus – you don’t browse your phone mindlessly!

4- Teaches you perseverance – When you start learning knitting or crochet, there are umpteen places where you will falter. Episodes of entangled yarn, wrong direction motions, lost stitches, and increased stitches will teach you how to handle frustrations and persevere on in other areas of life as well. Afterall, try try and you will succeed is the motto of learning any handicraft.

5- Low investment – Unlike many other hobbies that need big purchases to start, for knitting and crochet you just need needles or hook and yarn. However, a common challenge is that people don’t know what to get and where to start and that is the most common reason of abandoning the projects. With a little help and guidance this barrier can be easily overcome.

6- Just one stitch can create wonders – You don’t need to be an advanced or even intermediate knitter or crocheter to make amazing things. Just one stitch is enough to make toys, garments, decorative items, household goods.

7- You choose the time you spend – There is a knitting or crochet project for everyone in this world! Whether you have 30 minutes or 30 days, there is always a project for you. these hobbies can fit into your lifestyle the way you like it.

8- Helps you make friends – Knitting and crocheting can help you make friends with crafters and non-crafters. There are knit-alongs and crochet-alongs in libraries and community groups that are a great place to meet new people and make new projects. Just pick up your knitting or crochet project in the train and see how quickly it becomes a conversation starter. Fun tip – let people try a few stitches just for fun. It never fails to draw some laughs around.

9- Makes you a mathematician – Working with patterns, reducing and increasing stitches, creating 3D objects through knitting and crocheting trains your brain to think three-dimensional, hence becoming more imaginative. Dr. Elisabetta Matsumoto, an applied mathematician and physicist at the Georgia Institute of Technology recently started a 5 year project to investigate the mathematics and mechanics of knitting.

10- A great way to give – Knitting and crochet can easily be hobbies with a purpose. Nothing replaces a handmade item when it comes to making people feel cared for. There are many quick and easy projects you can make to gift to someone in need of some love and care.

The new year is almost here and this is a great time to make a resolution to pick up a new hobby. try knitting or crocheting and Weave Kindness will help you easily start or resume your crafting journey.

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